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  • Feel the Difference with PBT teachers
    • I am learning a lot under Adelind’s guidance and coaching. She taught me that small movements in a Pilates exercise can enhance a stretch or strengthen certain core muscles. I really enjoy Adelind’s Pilates classes very much!
      Peter O, in his 50s
      I took Pilates one-to-one classes with Enda, and do not be deceived by her angelic looks where she is always wearing a great smile and being ever friendly and lovely. I really thought that my lessons will be a rather enjoyable and easy one, but oh man, how wrong I was!

      When it comes to the lessons, she is a strict, disciplined and serious teacher. She sets a very good example herself by being disciplined in doing her daily routines. I am very motivated to practise Pilates so as to achieve a great figure like hers.

      Hui Gin, in her 30s
      When I first started Pilates a few years ago, a good friend recommended Kris to me and she has been a fantastic Pilates teacher to me since. What I like most about her is that although she is very friendly and patient, she is also not afraid to help me realise my movement potential! Every personal session is customised to my needs, and I finish each session feeling thoroughly invigorated. She has been fundamental in helping me get back into shape after my pregnancy and I cannot imagine taking classes under anyone else!
      Siew Ling, lawyer and mother of two, in her 30s
      Ping is a very disciplined coach. She strives to improve my flexibility and instil confidence to my moves at each Pilates class. It was a pleasure working with her.
      Florence Lee, in her 40s
      Kris exemplifies what a Pilates teacher should provide (but that others do not always deliver) in a private session – personalized, attentive instruction. It always amazes me how Kris is able to make every session fresh and new – I am never bored and I always learn from each of our sessions. She is especially strong in customizing each session to my needs and is very focused; never distracted or passive. Somehow she always manages to know what I need and how to explain moves to me in a way I can understand.

      Even though I have learned so much from her, I know she still has a lot to teach me and I always look forward to our Pilates session every week. On top of her superb instruction, she has an extremely pleasant demeanour, great energy (at 8am in the morning!), and a positive attitude.

      Kerri, self-employed and avid tennis player
      The teachers at Pilates BodyTree are true masters of Fletcher Pilates. They took a deep and meaningful interest in my personal and professional development as I studied to become a Fletcher Pilates teacher. I am proud to be associated with these wonderful teachers.
      Sawano, Pilates teacher
      I told Ping of my lower back pain at the start of the Pilates course. She paid attention to the stretches that improved my flexibility. It was great having Ping as a Pilates teacher.
      Julian Lee, in his 50s
  • Start getting the Results you’ve always wanted
    • I was introduced to LayYong by my colleagues. One said attending her classes once a week did wonders for her backache, another jokingly called the studio the ‘torture chamber’. For someone who has not been on any regular exercise routine for 15 yrs, I was certainly very curious! So I decided to take a trial class.

      To my surprise, I found myself enjoying the trial lesson. The series of stretching and movements looked deceptively simple and yet I was somehow unable to execute them without ‘falling apart’. At the same time I was completely amazed that I had a good work out in that short 55 mins.

      Grace Yeo, in her 40s
      I was very fortunate to have been referred to Carola by one of the yoga teachers at the studio I attend classes at. I have never practised any Pilates prior to my individual sessions with Carola. Knowing that I do not have any basics, she was extremely patient with me, taking pains to correct my breathing, postures etc. Carola is inspiring and after 30 lessons of Pilates classes with her, I am excited to embark on a new journey to learn more.
      Wendy Heng, office executive
  • Feel more Energetic and Motivated
    • I took up Pilates because my job requires long hours in front of a computer screen and constant travelling which had, in turn, resulted in constant neck and back pains, and general stiffness.

      Pilates has been a great help. Regular sessions have lessened the pain and stiffness, and have also helped me be more toned. I also found myself sleeping better, which makes me more energetic and alert when I am on the job.

      Stefani, lawyer, in her 40s
      I first stepped into a Pilates studio in 2003 when I just had my first born. Right from the start, I was already having bad posture. That, and coupled with the fact that I put on 20 kg during pregnancy and was carrying a baby to breastfeed full time, I was putting a lot of strain on my neck, shoulders and back. It also did not help that I had just returned to full time employment after pregnancy, and was spending an average of 10 hours a day in front of the computer. I was in constant ache and pain and I felt like an old lady despite my age.

      10 years on, I stuck to my regime of having a Pilates class once a week with Daniel (and twice if I am lucky). I had two boys in between and even after two pregnancies, I actually feel better and younger!

      I started out with Pilates classes as a form of stretching and pain management, but have benefited immensely from incorporating this into everyday movements. Not to mention, it definitely helps in keeping myself looking fit and trim! Pilates is more than a form of exercise, it is a way of life to me.

      Thanks to Daniel and his team for keeping the ladies in vogue and in shape!

      Cherie, senior bank executive and mother of two, in her 30s
      I was suffering from lower back aches and acute shoulder pains after many hours at the desk. I saw numerous chiropractors and physiotherapists but the relief after consulting them was often short-lived.

      Lay Yong has a sound knowledge of body anatomy and muscle structure and hence, she is able to craft exercises that strengthen body parts to help manage or avoid my aches and pains. I truly appreciate her attentiveness and strict emphasis on posture, body alignment and breathing techniques that I have since translated to my day-to-day living. I truly enjoy every lesson and I hope to continue practising Pilates till I am 100!

      Angelene, in her 50s
      On the way to my first Pilates session a few years ago, I remember how sure I was that this it would just be another futile attempt to elevate my upper back pain. Sooner or later, I have to go return to the medicine I had been consuming for the past 8 months for my ailment. After medication, my back pain not only did not improve, but it actually got worse and I was really worried. As I did not want to be reliant on medicines to get through the day, I decided to give Pilates a try anyway.

      Boy, I am really glad I did. At the end of the session, I felt a little bit better in my upper back – the first in a very long time! I continue to practice Pilates since and after each session, I leave feeling a lot better. Not only in terms of my back problem but I feel good overall. My back pain now is manageable and there are also days I do not even feel it. I am convinced that through Pilates, I will eventually reach the point where I can say that I am pain-free.

      Kemala, lawyer, in her 50s
      I was formally introduced to the art of Pilates by Alycia who is, in herself, a true inspiration. Her knowledge and eagerness to share has helped me understand not only the workings of Pilates but more importantly, the importance of having self-awareness of my own body to bring out the true benefits of the art.

      I have always looked forward to my sessions with Alycia as her gentle demeanour made sessions comfortable and through her attentive and patient disposition, many of my doubts and clarifications could be resolved. Alycia exudes passion in her instruction and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with her.

      Gerry, currently in university, in her 30s
      In 1998, I returned to Singapore and it was not until I retired in 2003 that I was able to find time to start my Pilates lessons. I attended a seminar held when Ron Fletcher first came to Singapore and decided that I should find a good teacher. I, then, found Pilates BodyTree and started taking lessons with Daniel.

      It was under Daniel’s tutelage that I practised Pilates more intensely, with 2 private sessions and 2 Pilates group classes per week. The more I did, the more I enjoyed it and I found it challenging. It took me a few years to really understand how to maximise the exercises and do them well. The breathing exercises also helped and I am now into my 9th year with Daniel, with occasional lessons with Kris and Jerry.

      And yes, I have more muscle definition, my posture has improved and I lost 2 kg that have not returned. Through hard work I have actually improved the shape of my figure, broadening my shoulders and strengthening my back muscles, reducing my waist and thighs.

      Although with age I have lost some strength in the last year or so, the fundamentals are there and Daniel tailors the lessons according to how my body feels. I will always do Pilates as long as possible as it gives me a feeling of confidence. It is never boring as there are different machines to work on with innumerable combinations: the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and the Spine Corrector. However tired I feel or even if I’m not feeling good, I feel great after a Pilates session.

      All the teachers at Pilates BodyTree are experienced, careful teachers who upgrade their skills every year in the States and I have every confidence in them.

      Ricca Gattlen, retiree and avid traveller, in his 60s
  • Pursue your goals, No Reservations!
    • I have history of lower back injuries over the last 17 years due to sports and excessive workout. After a recent repeat injury, my orthopedic doctor advised me to start Pilates and referred me to Pilates BodyTree. At the start, I was a bit hesitant (I felt it was too slow for me) but then decided to give it a try in order in the hopes of improving my injuries.

      Over the next few months after practising Pilates, my back was recovered and transformed. In fact, I feel like I am in my best form ever after years of repeated injuries. I can also sense an improvement in my physical strength, better posture and activation of a number of previously inactive smaller group muscles!

      The teachers at Pilates BodyTree have helped me regain confidence in my physical health and made me a huge fan of Pilates. I can never stop talking about its benefits and the changes it has brought about in me!

      Bharat, managing director, in his 40s
      The nagging and unmanageable pain over my lumbar area has greatly affected my work and daily activities. After being diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in 2009 over L4 area, I had tried various medicine, been to sinsehs, and massages etc. to no avail. Just as I thought this pain was there to haunt me for the rest of my life, I was recommended to try Pilates in the hopes of elevating my pain.

      After practising Pilates with Jerry for a period of time, what I find most amazing is not just being free of bad lumbar pain, the teachers at Pilates BodyTree even taught me how to ‘bring’ Pilates home, guided me to independently manage simple stretches and exercises when I am not in the studio. I am much more confident with regards to my managing my back with good posture, stretches, and exercises, instead of being reliant on medication. I am thankful for Jerry and how he has made a difference in me and my back injury through Pilates.

      Claudia Tan, nurse
  • Get a Lean and Toned Physique
    • As a man, I always thought Pilates was for ladies but I was wrong. Alycia is an excellent and personable instructor that tailors each session to suit the requirements for each client. She is able to work on my core and stability in ways workout sessions in the gym cannot. You will definitely leave walking taller and with a better posture after each session.
      Ian, business owner and personal trainer, in his 30s
      After doing Pilates with Daniel for more than three years, I have learned how Pilates has definitely toughened me up, improved my posture and core strength, and made me more aware of engaging the ‘lazier’ muscles I would not normally ultilise. Best of all, it brought me quickly back to my pre-pregnancy shape. Pilates is something I cannot do without!
      Marina, dentist and mother of one
      Perhaps I had the wrong conception of Pilates when I started two years ago, that is, to lose weight. Little did I know that what a person gets in return is so much more than just losing weight. Pilates is a tool to understand the mechanism of your body. Trust me, it is so addictive that you will actually crave for it. The person to thank for this is of course Daniel! He makes Pilates become a fine touch of enjoyment and satisfaction.
      Satvinder, in his 40s
      The Pilates sessions have been a great experience and it always challenge my endurance in many ways. At the end of each session, I feel rejuvenated and accomplished. I am already looking forward to the next one!
      Liza Yacob, personal trainer, business owner and mother
      I had done hot yoga before, but was still apprehensive about how my Pilates journey would go. I knew my core was weak, and felt that I would probably struggle a lot during the lessons. But, right from the first lesson, Eve put me at great ease. She introduced what Pilates is all about, and planned each lesson at a comfortable pace for me.

      She made me realised all the different muscles I do not know exist in my body, and she was also very precise and clear with her instructions, making sure that every exercise I did was done the correct way. Eve also made me push beyond my limits so that I could improve in my strength. Even though I would work out from each session with an aching body and jelly legs, I loved that feeling because I know that my muscles were given a good workout!

      Eileen Lim, in her 30s
      I would like to thank Enda for our inspirational classes. I always feel powerful in the short space of one hour of training. I am very grateful for the experience – it was always emotional, challenging and rewarding.

      Enda is an amazing trainer. She made me realise what I am capable of. She has a depth of knowledge of Pilates and she is able to demonstrate them well. Her practice is exquisite so her demonstrations are inspiring and provide even greater clarity for me when it comes to understanding Pilates exercises.

      I have learned so much from all her sessions. With her guidance and warmth, I am able to do the impossible.

      Sashi Lim, HR executive, in her 30s
      I have been training with Enda for about a year and always look forward to my Pilates training session and I am always amazed at how much I could push my body! Through Pilates, I am healed from a heel tendon injury. Much thanks to the teachers at Pilates BodyTree for making my training sessions so enjoyable!
      Joan Chong, in her 30s
  • The Must-Have Mobility Fitness Training
    • When my son, Ee Jhun is about to be enlisted for his National Service and required a minimum rating of “Silver” for his Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), I immediately thought of Pilates BodyTree and the teachers there.

      Ee Jhun had difficulty in “Standing Board Jump” category. Jerry at Pilates BodyTree helped him to focus on his jumping techniques and posture. By concentrating on his core, legs and arms muscles, Ee Jhun was able to jump higher and further after some Pilates practise. Within a short span of 10 private one-on-one sessions, Ee Jhun had improved greatly, allowing him to pass his IPPT with flying colours.

      As a mum, I was very pleased with the result achieved. Ee Jhun was also happy as he could avoid the two additional months of physical training and the entire family could go for our year-end holiday as usual, many thanks to Jerry!

      Wong Kar Yean on her teenage son, Ee Jhun
      Eve, with whom I had the privilege to train under for Pilates, was a fellow dancer whom I have known for more than 15 years and thus, there is a certain degree of familiarity that she had when profiling my training needs, as a result.

      Due to my intense involvement in extreme sports for the last eight years, typically dragon boat paddling and gym training, my musculature and physical abilities have changed significantly. This is a challenge for me as much as it is for my instructor when I began my Pilates session in August 2013. However, with Eve’s earnest commitment and passion for the discipline, she is able to adapt the Pilates regime to my situation. This led to a training focus that best fits my physical needs and fitness profile.

      After a number of sessions, I was able to regain a considerable measure of flexibility and flow in my movement which I had lost quite significantly over the years. This was achieved and balanced against her earnest efforts to develop my core strength to a level that still complements the demands of my dragon boat training.

      The Pilates training that I had with Eve so far benefitted me in many positive ways. Not only am I less stiff, I am also more efficient in the execution of my movements. I have also become more conscientious in the manner I manage my form and spine alignment. This heightens my sense of awareness, and made my Pilates practise more precise and thus, effective.

      Juraimy Abu Bakar, in his 40s