Welcome to Pilates BodyTree® (PBT)!

To redeem your PBT Signature® Trial Class (worth $50), CLICK HERE!

The PBT Signature® Trial Class is an introductory class for you to experience Mobility Fitness™ and find out how to get rid of your aches and pain, and improve your sports performance. This class is a pre-requisite to the 8 different types of PBT Signature® classes:

Mobility Classes

1. Stretch & Release™

Release the tension in your body and become more flexible.

2. Slider & Tubing™

Improve your Hip & Shoulder joint mobility.

3. Spine Corrector

Improve your Spine mobility.

4. Fletcher Fusion

Challenge your movement awareness

Strength Classes

5. Bare® Workout

Promote barefoot stimulation, build foot to core strength and improve foot function.

6. Roller & Ball™

Build your stability strength.

7. Pilates Matwork

Build your moving strength.

Advanced Class

8. Strength & Mobility™

This is an advanced class that challenges your strength and mobility of each joint at it’s maximum range of motion. You are highly recommended to attend all the 7 classes above for at least 3 months before attending this class.