Lena Lee

Lena Lee

Lena Lee : Qualified Fletcher Pilates Teacher

Lena has been teaching Pilates for 4 years and is experienced working with a variety of clients in a Pilates one-on-one setting and Pilates group.

She started practicing Pilates in 2003 and realised it provided a welcomed relief to her “battered” body which included lower back pain, chronic ankle pain and sprains from rigourous training like running and cycling. She also noticed a marked improvement in her general physical fitness and overall mental wellbeing.

Having to spend a considerable amount of time desk-bound herself, no one understands better than Lena how the body feels after a long day working at the office. More importantly, how best to alleviate chronic aches and stay pain-free.

Because she has experienced the benefits of Pilates, Lena is also driven to share her knowledge so more people like herself can benefit from Pilates.

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