Alycia Chua

Alycia Chua

Alycia Chua : Qualified Fletcher Pilates Teacher

Alycia graduated with a Diploma in Dance from Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts (2002) and is also a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) registered teacher. A dancer herself, she started Pilates classes with the intention of learning more about her own body movements, and to condition her body against injuries from long hours of dance training.

As she delved deeper, it reinforced her belief of Pilates as an effective body conditioning program to develop a strong core, muscular strength and flexibility. She started introducing Pilates to her young adult dance students to help them dance better and revels in seeing how Pilates also helps to build her students’ confidence.

Alycia enjoys teaching to different body types and hopes to share the benefits of Pilates with everyone.

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