Enda Enek

Enda Enek- BA (Mass Communication)
– BodyTree Academy (BTA) Certified Pilates Teacher
– Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher
– BTA Movement Anatomy™ (Biomechanics and Pathologies)
– Pelvic Floor Health & Dysfunction (Center for Women’s Fitness)
– EBFA® Barefoot Training Rehab Specialist


Enda was first introduced to Pilates as treatment for a knee injury from running. She was surprised by how her body became toner, stronger and healthier. Amazed by how she could connect with her muscles in a distinct and mindful way that she has never felt before, Enda became a Pilates teacher after completing the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program in 2011.

With a bubbly and lively personality, Enda connects with people easily and brings a lot of laughter to people she teaches. She enjoys seeing people growing stronger and developing a deeper connection between mind and body.

She loves working with runners and want to use her personal experiences with knee injury to help runners prevent injuries and improve running performance.

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