Pilates Group Classes

We embrace your uniqueness and understand that everyone do not start or stick with the same type of classes. Hence we created 8 types of classes known as the PBT Signature® Group Classes to create impactful change in your body so that you have a balance of Strength and Mobility. Each class type focuses on different objectives to give you the different benefits of Pilates. Our Group Class training will improve your Mobility Fitness™ dramatically, help you gain the confidence to get ahead in life and have fun doing it.

We have a complimentary Trial Class class for people new to us and highly recommend you to attend because you will experience what Pilates is about, the philosophy of how we teach and the environment in which we emphasize on quality teaching and learning so as to bring about impactful change to your mobility fitness.

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1. Stretch & Release™ – Release the tension in your body and become more flexible.

2. Slider & Tubing™- Improve your Hip & Shoulder joint mobility.

3. Spine Corrector – Improve your Spine mobility.

4. Fletcher Fusion – Challenge your movement awareness

5. Bare® Workout – Promote barefoot stimulation, build foot to core strength and improve foot function.

6. Roller & Ball™ – Build your stability strength.

7. Pilates Matwork – Build your moving strength.

8. Strength & Mobility™ – This is an advanced class that challenges your strength and mobility of each joint at it’s maximum range of motion.


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