Our Story

Pilates Teachers Singapore

We are Singapore’s 1st Mobility Fitness™ training studio. We work with executives to help them gain the energy to stay at peak performance and get ahead in life.

As a team, we studied directly and extensively with Pilates Elder and Master Teacher, Ron Fletcher (1921-2011), a protégé of Joseph Pilates and Clara Pilates.

In our many years of teaching, we realise the one common thing all our students want: To live exceptionally well. As Ron Fletcher says; “Movement is Life. Life is Movement. That you get out of it as much as you put into it.”  To live well, you have to move well. And to move well, you have to have Mobility Fitness™.

We all know Physical Fitness. If you can carry out your physical activities injury free, you have Mobility Fitness™. It refers to joint health. A lot of injuries happen at a person’s end range of motion where they either did not have enough flexibility or strength to perform the action well.

At PBT, we want you to Realise Your Movement Potential; to be aware of what you can possibly achieve and make it happen! To achieve that, we personally teach, mentor and specially select our teachers to provide a remarkable experience for you through excellent teaching.

It means a lot to us when you are at your optimum physique to enjoy the finest things in life. We look forward to be part of your Mobility Fitness™ and life journey.

The PBT Founding Team

(Jerry Teo, Daniel Chan, and Kris Ng)